• NEW! Acne Scar Repair Complete Set

The package includes:

1 x Dr. Roller 

Choose any Dr. Roller to go with this package. This derma roller guarantees premium quality. It can last longer than other derma roller brands and high-grade medical type needles will not easily get blunt no matter how rough or ragged the skin surface.

1 x MSM Ctrl + (toner, foam, serum)

MSM Ctrl + (toner, foam, serum) is a skin blemish control and whitening care set which contains the purest and highest quality of MSM (Sulfur) raw powder.  Natural organic MSM obtained from pine tree that is edible and has numerous functional elements that include improvement of skin elasticity, flexibility, complexion, nourishment and moisture retention. MSM Ctrl + (toner, foam, serum) cleanses skin, removes skin wastes and relieves skin from breakouts and irritation.

1 x Ariany Black Sugar Scrub

Ariany Black Sugar Scrub removes blackheads, dead skin cells and other skin waste, sebum and more.This product has plenty of vitamins and minerals that nourish and rejuvenate the skin naturally. It also has various plant extracts (sunflower, wolf's bane, green ginger and bitterwort) that keep the skin hydrated and glowing.

1 x Bergamo Pure Snail Cream

Bergamo Pure Snail Wrinkle Cream contains snail secretion filtrate and aloe extract that softly work on the skin to protect against external irritations and to deliver moisture and nutrition for healthier skin. This product speeds up cell regeneration, aids in acne and wound healing, scar repairing and has great anti-aging properties.

1 x Skinlovers Premium Blanc Recipe Essence Masks (Violet) 5pcs. per box

Skinlovers Premium Blanc Recipe Essence Masks is well known for its excellent moisturizing effect that can last for long periods of time. The unique formula of essence and mask infusion enriched with extracts from snail slime, licorice, witch hazel and yeast. Snail slime extract accelerates skin repair therefore when you’ve got undesirables on your skin, it would help boost the healing process. Its healing properties are due to its enzymes that rearrange acne tissue. Snail slime extract also helps remove the redness of blemishes thus preventing unattractive pigmentation on dried up pimples.

Use Acne Scar  Repair Complete Set as a regimen whenever you are derma rolling. The products are designed to work together with a derma roller to help maximize the results of acne scar repairing action.

How to Use New Complete Set:

Before derma rolling:

1. Exfoliate using Ariany Black Sugar Scrub (as needed).
2. Cleanse with MSM foam.
3. Tone the skin with MSM toner.
4. Roll.
5. Apply serum (2-step essence mask).
6. Put on mask and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.

Post derma rolling:

1. Exfoliate using Ariany Black Sugar Scrub (as needed - 1-2 times per week).
2. Cleanse with MSM foam.
3. Tone the skin with MSM toner.
4. Purify blemishes using MSM spot serum.
5. Use Bergamo snail cream as day and night cream.

Recommended needle size for this package: 1.0mm, 1.5mm

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NEW! Acne Scar Repair Complete Set

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