• Pore-Minimizing and Clarifying Azelaic Acid Essence 10 mL

Azelaic Acid Essence 10 mL

Azelaic Acid is extracted from azalea petals and is known for its antibacterial effect. It also helps normalize skin's pH and sebum secretion, minimize rough pores, stimulate cellular renewal, relieve allergy and eliminate acne leaving the skin white, ruddy and exquisite.

  • Effective for oily and sensitive skin
  • Minimizes unsightly pores to achieve tighter and smoother skin texture
  • Applicable to all types of skin

Ingredients :  

azelaic acid , active factor, vitamin

How to Use:

After cleansing the skin, apply some essence liquid on the face. Gently spread in a circular massaging motion until the whole face is covered. Do it until it is absorbed by the skin.When using several kinds of liquid skin products, wait for one product to be completely absorbed before applying another kind. If the weather is dry, lather a thick layer of moisturizing cream on the skin. Perform the procedure in the morning and before going to bed.


Keep the container sealed all the time. Store in a cool, dry place, away from the sunlight. This product contains active ingredients. After use, store it in a fridge as soon as possible.

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Pore-Minimizing and Clarifying Azelaic Acid Essence 10 mL

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